A Year with the Saints – 29 September


There is a certain method of practicing the presence of God, by which, if the soul chooses, she may remain always in prayer, and constantly enkindled and inflamed with the love of God. This consists in realizing, in the midst of our occupations, that we are doing the will of God in each, and in rejoicing and being glad that it is so. – Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez

Saint Francis de Sales, for many years before his death, had scarcely any time for prayer, as he was overwhelmed with other occupations. One day Saint Jane Frances de Chantal asked him whether he had made his meditation. “No,” he replied, “but I am doing what is worth as much.” In fact, he endeavored to keep himself continually united with God, and he used to say that in this world we must make a prayer of works and activities. Thus his life was a continual prayer, for he did not content himself with merely enjoying a delicious union with God in prayer, but equally loved to do His will.

MLA Citation