A Year with the Saints – 29 July


Oh how lightly should we value a generous resolution to imitate the common and hidden life of Christ our Lord! It is easy to see that such a thought comes from God, as it is so utterly opposed to flesh and blood. – Saint Vincent de Paul

To imitate the hidden life of Christ was one of the dearest and most frequent occupations of this Saint, as it was his lot to lead a life in appearance low and common, in which nothing unusual or extraordinary could be seen exteriorly, though interiorly it was admirable and altogether heavenly. Christ could have made Himself known and adored in every place as the Son of God by making the rays of His glory shine through all Judea as He did upon Tabor, yet He chose to pass for the simple son of a carpenter and for a man of no account. Saint Vincent de Paul spoke of himself everywhere as the son of a poor peasant and sought to be considered as a simple country priest. He concealed, as far as he could, the lofty gifts of nature and of grace that he had received from God and which rendered him worthy of all veneration. He was an excellent theologian, but called himself a poor ignorant beginner. He avoided dignities and honors with greater care and earnestness than the most ambitious employ in obtaining them. He had a supreme abhorrence for ostentation, and found his complete satisfaction in abasement and humiliation.

MLA Citation