A Year with the Saints – 28 October


The servant of God ought to fear nothing and to give himself but little concern even as to the devils themselves; for every time they fail to terrify us they lose strength, and the soul masters them more easily. If the Lord is powerful and they are His slaves, what harm can they do to those who are servants of so great a King and Lord? – Saint Teresa of Avila

This Saint testifies of herself that she was so timid that she often did not dare to go into a room alone, even inthe day. But finally she began to consider what a shame it was for a soul to be alarmed and affrighted at anything but offending God, when we have so great and powerful a Lord, who rules everything. Then she thought how all creatures, even the devils, are subject to Him, and how she desired to serve this Lord, and aimed at nothing but to please Him and do His will. In conclusion, she said to herself, “What am I afraid of? What do I fear?” and, taking a cross in her hands, she began to challenge the demons, saying, “Come now, all of you, for I am a servant of God: I wish to see what you can do to me!” After that, she said that she felt full of courage, and all her fears vanished; so that though she saw the demons many times afterwards, she had no fear of them at all and it seemed to her, on the contrary, that they feared her, because she felt such superiority over them that she regarded them no more than so many flies.

A servant of God who was much tormented by the devils constantly sang with joy the Psalm, Laudate, pueri Dominum. The devils, being angry at this, increased her torments. But she mocked them, and said: “I count you as nothing, vermin! I have my Lord with me, and do not fear you in the least.”

MLA Citation