A Year with the Saints – 28 May


Accustom your heart to be docile, manageable, submissive, and ready to yield to all in all lawful things, for the love of your most sweet Lord; so will you become like the dove, which receives all the colors which the sun gives it. For this end, put your soul every morning in a posture of humility, tranquillity, and sweetness, and notice from time to time through the day if it has become entangled in affection for anything; and if it be not quiet, disengaged, and tranquil, set it at rest. – Saint Francis de Sales

This holy prelate was so remarkable for accommodating himself to the dispositions of all that Alexander VII, in his eulogy, could find no way to describe him better than to say that God had willed to make him all to all. Among the innumerable proofs of this, it will be enough to mention one connected with Saint Jane Frances de Chantal. She was afraid of losing him on account of his excessive application to his work and the little care he took of his health, and so she entreated him to take more care of himself. Equally humble and yielding, he answered her: “I take care of myself as much as possible, more because you tell me to than from any inclination I have to this sort of attention. I imagine, however, that it is God’s will that I should desire something for your sake, and now let Him do with me according to His good pleasure.” On other occasions also he gave her the same assurance.

Saint Vincent de Paul had the habit deeply rooted in his nature of being pliable and ready to follow everyone’s will in indifferent matters.

The Abbot Agatho declared that he had never retired to rest without having first stifled every emotion of anger, even against himself, and that he did so to fulfill the precept: Turn away from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

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