A Year with the Saints – 27 September


If we persist in walking for a year in the presence of God, at the end of the year we shall find that we have reached unconsciously the summit of perfection. – Saint Teresa of Avila

It is narrated in the Lives of the Fathers, that a holy Abbot instructed one of his novices that he should take care never to lose sight of God, and think of Him as always present. “For,” said he, “this is the rule of rules, and the one which the Lord taught to Abraham, when He said, ‘Walk before Me, and be perfect.'” This was so impressed on the mind of the young man that he practiced it wonderfully well; and from the reckless youth that he was, he became a monk so perfect that when he died a few years after, he was seen to fly directly, and with great glory, into Heaven.

MLA Citation