A Year with the Saints – 27 October


Whoever casts himself into the arms of God’s providence and allows himself to be ruled, is borne to Heaven in a chariot with all his crosses, so that he scarcely feels their weight. He who acts otherwise goes on foot, dragging them with labor and weariness. – Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

The Emperor Ferdinand II said of himself: “Trials and troubles would have worn me out long ago, if I had not abandoned all my affairs, and myself as well, to Providence.”

In a city of Italy there lived a poor young girl who was bedridden and afflicted by many infirmities; yet, those who visited her found her always cheerful, and even the report of a threatened famine caused her no alarm. Being asked how she kept up her cheerfulness in the midst of so many miseries, she replied that all her thoughts rested upon God; that she was like a little bird under the wings of Divine Providence, and therefore she was neither afraid nor anxious about anything.

MLA Citation