A Year with the Saints – 27 July


The female dove has this peculiarity, that she does everything for her mate, so that when she sets, she leaves to him the care of herself and of whatever is needed and thinks of nothing but cherishing and protecting her dovelets, to please her mate and rear for him new offspring. Oh, what a pleasing rule is this – never to do anything except for God and to please Him, and to leave to Him all the care of ourselves! – Saint Francis de Sales

Such was the spirit of Saint Vincent de Paul, who occupied himself constantly in promoting the glory of God and in providing for the wants of others for His sake, without thinking of his own wants or of his Congregation, which he left entirely in the hands of the Lord.

Such also was Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, of whom Saint Francis de Sales said, on one occasion, that she was like those loving doves who bathe and plume themselves on the shore of brooks, adorning themselves not so much for the sake of being beautiful, as to please the eyes of their beloved mates; since she did not seek to correct herself in order to be pure and adorned with virtues, but rather to please her Divine Spouse; and if He had been equally pleased with ugliness and beauty, she would have loved one as well as the other.

MLA Citation