A Year with the Saints – 27 January


If you wish for a method brief and compendious, one which contains in itself all other methods and is most efficacious in conquering all temptations and difficulties, and acquiring perfection, this is the exercise of the presence of God. Saint Basil the Great

A priest who was an intimate friend of the same Saint Basil suffered many severe temptations and many grievous threats from Julian the Apostate, but always held his ground firmly against them. He himself assigned this reason for his victory: “It was because,” he said, “in all that time, so far as I remember, the Divine Presence never escaped my mind.”

Joseph, when solicited to evil, replied, “How shall I do this under the eye of God?” And Susanna said, “It is better for me to fall into your hands without fault, than to sin in the sight of God.” Saint Ephrem being solicited to sin by a woman of evil life, professed his readiness, provided the scene of their transgression should be the public square. But when the woman objected to this condition on account of the shame it would involve, “Then,” replied the Saint, “you fear shame before the eyes of men, and do you not fear it before the Angels of God?” By this consideration, he brought about her conversion.

When Tais learned that God beheld her in the commission of sin, she resisted a thousand temptations and became a Saint.

MLA Citation