A Year with the Saints – 25 October


Whoever does not lose courage in unexpected difficulties, but immediately has recourse to God with confidence, shows that this virtue is well rooted in his heart. – Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez

We read in the Lives of the Fathers that Saint Columban, standing one day without any thought of danger, suddenly saw twelve wolves coming up to him. They surrounded him, and finally began to nibble at his garments. He was not, however, at all alarmed, and did nothing but invoke God in these words: “God, come to my aid. O Lord, make haste to help me,” upon which the wolves immediately fled.

The Abbot Theodore was asked whether he should be afraid if he heard on a sudden a loud crash and a terrible tumult. “No,” he answered, “if the world should fall in ruins, and earth and sky be blended together, Theodore would not be afraid.”

MLA Citation