A Year with the Saints – 25 January


The finest assurance that we can have in this world of being in the grace of God does not consist at all in sentiments of love to Him, but in complete and irrevocable abandonment of our whole being into His hands, and in the firm resolution never to consent to any sin either great or small. Saint Francis de Sales

We read in old chronicles of a young lady who was so severely afflicted that she seemed to be suffering the pains of Hell. After remaining for a long time in this state, she one day turned her whole heart to God in this prayer: “My sweetest Lord, only remember that I am a poor creature of Thine! for the rest, do with me what pleases Thee, now and through eternity! I abandon myself into Thy hands, and am ready to suffer these torments as long as it shall please Thee.” This act of resignation, which she made from her heart with all sincerity, was so pleasing to God that it was scarcely finished when He united her to Himself and immersed her blissfully in the immense ocean of His Divinity.

Saint Catherine of Genoa said: “I am no more my own; whether I live or die, I am my Saviour’s; I have no longer any possession or interest of my own. My God is all; my being consists in being wholly His. O world! you art always the same, and until now, I have been always the same; but, from this time forth, I will be such no longer.”

MLA Citation