A Year with the Saints – 24 July


When we have to deal with astute and crafty persons, the best way to win them to God is to treat them with much candor and simplicity. This is the spirit of Christ the Lord; and whoever is destined to glorify Him must act according to His spirit. – Saint Vincent de Paul

When this Saint was sending out one of his priests, he addressed him thus: “You are going into a region where the people are considered very crafty. If this is true, the best way of gaining them for God will be to act with great simplicity, since the maxims of the Gospel are utterly opposed to those of the world; and as you go for the service of Our Lord, you ought to behave in accordance with His spirit, which is full of uprightness and sincerity.” For the same reason, when a house of the Congregation was established some time after in that province, he purposely selected for it a Superior who was remarkable for candor and ingenuousness. And those in his Congregation who were of that stamp were always the most beloved by him.

MLA Citation