A Year with the Saints – 23 February


If we should well consider all that is human and imperfect in us, we should find but too much cause to humiliate ourselves before God and men, even before our inferiors. Saint Vincent de Paul

A holy woman, once having asked light of the Lord that she might know herself well, saw so much ugliness and so many miseries in her own heart that, not being able to bear the sight, she prayed to God to relieve her from such distress; for she said if it had lasted longer she would have sunk under it.

The venerable Mother Seraphina di Dio once had a very clear supernatural illumination which made her see her soul full of so many and such abominable faults that it seemed like a receptacle of all that was foul; and she judged it must be even worse in reality; for she said, “If I had more light, I should see more.” “It has often come into my mind,” she added, “to retire to some cave, when I think how little I exercise myself in virtue; as to humility, in particular, I seem to myself a Lucifer. Religion is beautiful for those who practice virtue, but not for me, who cultivate only vices.” Therefore, when she received insults and contempt, she was never disturbed, nor complained, but said: “They speak well; they do well; that suits me well.” Nor was any adversity or trial in her whole life ever sufficient to make her change her sentiments.

MLA Citation