A Year with the Saints – 21 October


When anyone reposes all his confidence in God, God continually exercises a special protection over him, and in this state of things he can be assured that no evil will happen to him. Saint Vincent de Paul

For this reason, Saint Vincent de Paul was never cast down or discouraged in all the afflictions, crosses, and vexatious accidents which befell him or his priests; but he remained always full of confidence in God, with a perfect evenness of temper and constant abandonment to Divine Providence. And what is more, he rejoiced to find himself in such difficulties, as they gave him opportunity to exercise a more perfect, absolute and total dependence on the Divine Will.

The Emperor Ferdinand II, hearing some remarks about the bad state of the times, said: “Let us do our part, and then leave ourselves and our affairs to the government of God, who will dispose everything well?” And when any disaster was feared, he would say, “The Lord will provide.”

MLA Citation