A Year with the Saints – 21 December


The condition of union seems to be nothing else than dying, so to speak, entirely to all the things of the world, and living in the enjoyment of God. Saint Teresa of Avila

This was the blessed state of Saint Catherine of Genoa, who confessed that she once had a vision in which it was shown her how all good proceeds from God, without any previous cause except His pure and simple goodness, by which He was moved to do us good in so many ways and forms. “From that sight,” she said, “there rose in my heart such an interior flame of love that I lost all understanding, thought, wish or love for anything except God; so that my soul neither knows nor can wish for anything more or other than it is enjoying at present, and is more pleased and satisfied with this than with anything it could obtain by all its efforts and exertions. And if I should ask myself what I desire or aim at, I could only answer, ‘Nothing except what Love gives me!’ He keeps me so occupied and satisfied with Himself that I have no need to plan or seek for anything to sustain my powers, supported and sustained as they are.”

MLA Citation