A Year with the Saints – 20 June


Remember that you hast given thyself to the Superior for the love of God, and to obtain the Kingdom of Heaven, and consequently, you art no more thine own, but his to whom you hast given thyself. Therefore it is not permitted thee to do anything of thyself, and without his will, since he – not you – is the master of thy will.

As far as Saint Mary Magdalen de’ Pazzi was able, she did nothing without seeking the command or permission of the Superior or Mistress.

The venerable Pudenziana Terziaria, a Franciscan nun, said to her confessor just before her death: “Father, since I gave myself into your hands, by the Divine help I have never so much as uttered a sigh which had not the seal of obedience. I have now but to draw my last breath, which I desire should have the same merit. Give me, then, permission for it!” The Father, astonished at so strange a request, paused for a moment, and then answered: “My daughter, I do not wish you to go yet.” She inclined her head, and turning to the crucifix, “My Lord,” she said, “Thou seest I am detained. Do not compel me, for I cannot consent.” A little while after, she renewed her request to the Father, with the same result. But finally, moved with pity, he said: “Depart, O blessed soul, to the eternal repose!” She said quickly, “Bless me, Father,” and after receiving the usual benediction, she turned her eyes upon those around, as if bidding them farewell, clasped and kissed the crucifix, and saying, with a smile, “I am going,” she expired.

MLA Citation