A Year with the Saints – 20 July


In human life prudence is indeed necessary, that we may be circumspect in our actions and know how to adapt ourselves to the dispositions of others. – Saint Vincent de Paul

By this virtue the same Saint regulated his actions so well that he succeeded in every undertaking and therefore gained such a reputation for prudence that he was commonly considered one of the wisest men of his time. As a result, persons of every condition and state, even those most conspicuous for rank or learning, had recourse to him as to an oracle in all affairs of importance for direction and advice.

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal was so remarkable for this virtue that many celebrated Bishops regulated their dioceses, and many also their own consciences, by her wise counsels. Even Saint Francis de Sales, her beloved spiritual father, and Saint Vincent de Paul, her director after him, consulted with her upon their most important business and depended much upon her wise decisions.

MLA Citation