A Year with the Saints – 2 November


When one has succeeded in placing his heart wholly upon God, he loses his affection for all other things, and no longer finds consolation in anything, nor clings to anything except God, forgetting his own honor and every interest of his own. – Saint Teresa of Avila

“While there is any created thing which can give me consolation and delight,” says Saint Bernard, “I do not dare to say that the love of God is ardent and fervid in my heart.”

Holy Queen Esther, in the midst of her regal pomp and splendor, could say: “O Lord, Thou know well that I have never taken delight in dignity and royal apparel, nor in the banquets of the king, nor in anything have I found consolation until this day, save in Thee, my Lord and God.”

Saint Catherine of Genoa, after she had been struck by the arrow of Divine love, often cried out, “No more world! no more pleasures!” And if she had been mistress of a thousand worlds, she would have thrown them all away, to give her whole heart to God.

Saint Ignatius Loyola went so far as to have lost all attachment to anything that was not God, and he had nothing at heart but to please Him and to gain His love. He said one day that if God should give him the choice of going that moment directly to Paradise, or remaining longer in the world to serve Him and advance His Kingdom, even with the uncertainty of his own salvation, he would choose the latter alternative.

MLA Citation