A Year with the Saints – 2 January


We must begin with a strong and constant resolution to give ourselves wholly to God, professing to Him, in a tender, loving manner, from the bottom of our hearts, that we intend to be His without any reserve, and then we must often go back and renew this same resolution. Saint Francis de Sales

One of the means for the acquisition of perfection which was chiefly inculcated and much practiced by Saint Philip Neri was a frequent renewal of good resolutions.

Saint Francis de Sales made from time to time a spiritual renovation, and always conceived in it new desires to serve God better.

Saint John Berchmans, at his very entrance into religion, planted in his heart a strong resolution to become a Saint, and then he not only remained constant in all the practices and resolutions which he took up for this end, but he went on daily gaining new vigor to his spiritual advantage. When a holy religious was giving the Exercises at Torre di Specchi in Rome, a nun called Sister Marie Bonaventura, who was living a very relaxed life, did not wish to be present. By many entreaties she was finally induced to attend. The first meditation, on the end of man, enkindled such fervor in her heart that the Father had scarcely finished when she called him to her, and said: “Father, I mean to be a Saint, and quickly.” She then withdrew to her cell, and, writing the same words on a scrap of paper, fastened them to the foot of her crucifix. From this moment, she applied herself with so much earnestness to the practice of perfection that a memoir of her was written at her death, which occurred eleven months later.

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