A Year with the Saints – 2 April


If you see that you have not yet suffered tribulations, consider it certain that you have not begun to be a true servant of God; for the Apostle says plainly that all who choose to live piously in Christ, shall suffer persecutions. Saint Augustine of Hippo

Saint Athanasius, Saint Basil the Great, Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Jerome, and Saint Cyril were all charged with a thousand crimes, and in that way were greatly afflicted.

Saint Romualdo was slanderously accused by one of his monks of the commission of a shameful crime, was condemned in a public assembly to be burnt at the stake as a punishment, and in the meantime was suspended from his function as a priest. But, though he was then a centenarian, he bore all with the greatest tranquility.

Saint Francis Xavier was grieved when he saw everything going on successfully with him in Lisbon; and if such favorable circumstances had continued to exist, he would have thought that he was not serving God well.

MLA Citation