A Year with the Saints – 19 December


When we have totally abandoned ourselves to the pleasure of God, submitting without any reserve our will and affections to His dominion, we shall see our souls so united to His Divine Majesty that we shall be able to say with that perfect model of Christians, Saint Paul: “In myself I no longer live, but Jesus Christ in me.” – Saint Francis de Sales

This Saint, according to the testimony of one who knew him intimately, in the last years of his life had reached such a point that he desired, loved, or regarded only God in all things. As a result, he seemed always absorbed in God and said that there was nothing in the world which could satisfy him except God. He frequently uttered with ecstatic feeling these words of the Psalmist: “Lord, what is there in Heaven for me, or what do I desire upon earth save Thee? Thou art my portion and my inheritance forever.” All that was not God was nothing for him, and this was one of his principal maxims.

MLA Citation