A Year with the Saints – 18 November


God loves our neighbors so much that He gave His life for them; and He is glad even to have us leave Him to do them good. How grateful to Him, then, may we believe the services we render them! Ah, if we understood well how important is this virtue of the love of our neighbor, we should give ourselves entirely to the pursuit of it. Saint Teresa of Avila

Saint Vincent de Paul showed how fully he was persuaded of this truth, for he took this practice so much to heart that he seemed to have nothing else to do. And it may be truly said that there was never a miser who took so much advantage of opportunities to preserve and increase his wealth, as he to do good to his neighbors. This charity, too, had neither restriction nor limitation, but extended to all times and places and to all persons capable of enjoying its effects. One morning, before Communion, Saint Gertrude was grieving that the lateness of the priest prevented her from confessing some slight faults, when the Lord comforted her by a sight of her own soul decked with rich and resplendent jewels, and said to her: “Why are you sad about this, when you are adorned with the mantle of charity, which, you know, covers a multitude of sins?” Moses asked to be blotted out of the Book of Life, if so he might obtain from the Lord the pardon of his brothers; Saint Paul was ready to be an anathema; and Saint Paulinus even became a slave in place of another.

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