A Year with the Saints – 17 July


With those who are perfect and walk with simplicity, there is nothing small and contemptible, if it be a thing that pleases God; for the pleasure of God is the object at which alone they aim, and which is the reason, the measure, and the reward of all their occupations, actions, and plans; and so, in whatever they find this, it is for them a great and important thing. – Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez

This is the reason why Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, Saint John Berchmans, Saint Mary Magdalen de’ Pazzi, and so many others were so observant even of the least Rule, so exact in all their ordinary occupations and so careful to perform well every work trusted to them, however trifling it might be. It is stated that the celebrated Father Ribera kept up through his whole life the same exact observance which marked his novitiate.

MLA Citation