A Year with the Saints – 17 December


In this holy abandonment springs up that beautiful freedom of spirit which the perfect possess, and in which there is found all the happiness that can be desired in this life; for in fearing nothing, and seeking and desiring nothing of the things of the world, they possess all. Saint Teresa of Avila

One of these beautiful souls was that of Saint Francis de Sales. In whatever happened to him, he always showed as much satisfaction as if all had gone according to his wishes. For example, when a fierce persecution had been raised against him and the Order he had founded, he wrote thus to Saint Jane Frances de Chantal: “I leave all these opposing blasts to the providence of God. Let them blow or cease, as shall please Him; tempest and calm are equally dear to me. If the world did not speak ill of us, we should not be the servants of Christ.”

The Emperor Ferdinand II made this prayer every day: “O Lord! if it be indeed for Thy glory and my salvation that I retain the position in which I am, keep me in it, and I will glorify Thee. If it be to Thy praise and my good that I sink to a lower place, abase me, and I will glorify Thee.”

Father Alvarez never thought about what was to happen to him, and if any thought of the kind offered itself, he would say, “It will be as God wills.” Then, raising his heart to God, he would add: “O Lord, I wish for nothing but to please Thee and satisfy Thee!”

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