A Year with the Saints – 17 August


Even little actions are great when they are done well; so that a little action done with desire to please God is more acceptable to Him, and gives Him more glory, than a great work done with less fervor. We must, then, give particular attention to perform well the little works, which are easiest, and are constantly within our reach, if we wish to advance in friendship with God. Saint Francis de Sales

Saint Ignatius said of a lay-brother who was a mason that he wrought for himself in Heaven as many crowns as he laid bricks or gave strokes of the hammer, on account of the pure and upright intention with which he animated these works.

It is told of Saint Francis Xavier that he was very careful to do little things well, and that he used to say: “We must not deceive ourselves, for he who does not take pains to excel in little things, will never do so in great.”

MLA Citation