A Year with the Saints – 16 September


Try to disengage yourself from so many cares, and take a little time to think of God and to rest in Him. Enter into the secret chamber of your heart, and banish from it everything save your Creator alone and what can help you to find Him; then having closed the door, say to Him, with all your soul: “Lord, I seek Thy Divine countenance – teach me to find it!” Saint Augustine of Hippo

Saint Francis de Sales called the center of his soul the sanctuary of God, where nothing enters save the soul and God. This was the place of his retirement and his ordinary abode; and therefore, in his soul there was nothing but purity, simplicity, humility, and union of the spirit with its God.

When Saint Bernard was entering a church to pray, he would say to his thoughts: “Remain here outside, useless thoughts and disorderly affections, and you, my soul, enter into the presence of thy Lord!”

MLA Citation