A Year with the Saints – 15 October


When we are to undertake anything for the service of God, after invoking His holy light and discovering His will, though we should employ the human means which we consider necessary and suitable in carrying out the orders of Divine Providence, yet we should not depend on them, but on the Divine assistance alone, and from it expect success, with the firm persuasion that whatever happens will be best for us, whether it appears good or bad according to our individual judgment. Saint Vincent de Paul

This Saint, when someone asked to be remembered in his prayers, once answered thus: “I have been occupied in business all this morning, so I have spent very little time in prayer, and that with many distractions. You may judge how much can be hoped for today from my prayers. But this does not discourage me, for I put my trust in God, not, certainly, in my preparation, nor in all my efforts; for I am sure that the throne of God’s goodness and mercy is raised upon the foundation of our miseries.”

Whatever business Saint Ignatius Loyola undertook, he did everything as if all depended upon himself, and trusted in God as if all depended upon God.

MLA Citation