A Year with the Saints – 15 June


Obedience consists not alone in doing what is actually commanded, but also in a continual readiness to do on any occasion whatever may be imposed. Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Francis Xavier, whose image is above, was so ready for any act of obedience that though he was working so fruitfully in India, and with so much satisfaction to himself, he said that if at the beginning of a promising mission he should receive an order from Saint Ignatius, his Superior, to return to Italy, he would instantly break off his work and set out.

Saint Felix the Capuchin excelled greatly in this virtue. At the least sign from his Superiors, he showed himself ever prompt and ready to execute all their directions, however arduous, difficult, and varied they might be, without excepting any. This was so well known that Superiors were careful not to mention any wish of theirs in presence of this holy man without real need, for he would be sure to consider a mere remark as a rigorous precept, and immediately proceed to execute it.

MLA Citation