A Year with the Saints – 15 December


If you give yourself to the practice of holy abandonment, though you may not perceive that you gain at all, you will, in fact, advance greatly, as it is with those who sail upon the open sea with favorable winds, trusting wholly to the care of the pilot. Saint Francis de Sales

There was in a certain monastery a Religious whose power of working miracles was so great that the sick were cured by merely touching his garments or his cincture. The Abbot wondered at this, as he saw nothing remarkable about him, and one day asked him for what cause God worked so many miracles by his means. “I do not know,” he replied, “for I do not fast, nor use the discipline, nor watch, nor pray, nor labor any more than others. This only I perceive in myself – that nothing which happens disturbs or disquiets me, but my soul remains in equal tranquillity in the midst of all events, however unfortunate they may be for myself or others, because I have left everything in the hands of God. And so, whether it be prosperity or adversity, whether it be little or much, I take all as coming from His hands.” “Then were you not troubled the other day,” rejoined the Abbot, “when the enemy burned our granary?” “Not in the least,” was his answer. “Here, then, is the cause of your miracles,” returned the Abbot.

A farmer who always had larger and better crops than his neighbors was once asked the reason by one of them. “Why, I always have the weather to suit me,” he answered, “for I always wish it to be as God wishes it, and not otherwise.”

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