A Year with the Saints – 13 October


The pressure of necessity gives occasion to show whether we truly trust in God. Believe me, three strokes will do more than ten ordinarily, if God puts His hand to the work; and He always does when He takes away human help, and obliges us to perform work above our strength. Saint Vincent de Paul

When this Saint was once told by his house-steward that he had not a sou for daily expenses without considering the special ones for approaching ordinations, he replied with a tranquil heart and cheerful face, full of confidence in God: “What good news! Blessed be God! Now is the time to show whether we trust in Him. Oh, how infinite are the treasures of Divine Providence, which we dishonor by our want of trust!”

King Josaphat, finding himself assailed by a great number of enemies, turned to his men and said: “We have no power to resist so many; let us, then, raise our eyes to God, and trust in Him, and all will be well with us.” And so, indeed, it was.

MLA Citation