A Year with the Saints – 13 November


A sure proof that we love God alone is that we love Him equally in all cases. For, as He is always equal to Himself, the inequality of our love for Him can arise only from the consideration of something which is not Himself. Saint Francis de Sales

By this test we may perceive how pure was the love of this Saint; for, it never increased in prosperity, nor diminished in adversity, but in everything was directed equally to the Lord, and through everything he thanked and blessed Him.

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal also gave this excellent proof of her perfect love of God, by feeling equally contented in consolations and in desolations, of which she suffered many, and for a long time. The reason was, as she said, because in both she desired and sought only the fulfillment of the Divine Will, by which she knew that both prosperity and adversity were sent to her.

“True lovers of God,” said a holy soul, “are like the sun, which, though it is sometimes covered with clouds, yet always possesses in itself the same light and the same warmth.”

MLA Citation