A Year with the Saints – 12 September


Whoever wishes to profit by prayers should not take account of spiritual consolations. I know by experience that the soul which has started on this road with a full determination not to consider whether the Lord gives or denies him consolations and tenderness, and really acts on this determination, has already made a great part of the journey. Saint Teresa of Avila

Saint John Berchmans, when asked what remedies he made use of against aridity, replied, “I pray, I take care to be occupied, and I have patience.”

Saint Francis de Sales was never angry with himself on account of the desolations, aridities, or interior abandonment which he endured. He told Saint Jane Frances de Chantal that when he was at prayer, he was not in the habit of reflecting as to whether he was in consolation or desolation, but if the Lord gave him any good sentiments he received them with profound reverence and simplicity; and if He gave none, he did not reflect upon it, but remained still before God, with great confidence, like a loving little child.

MLA Citation