A Year with the Saints – 12 November


Would you know how you stand in regard to the love of God? Here are the signs by which you may discover: As much as the soul grows in Divine love, so much do the desires of suffering and of being humbled grow in it. These are the sure tokens of the sacred fire; everything else is but smoke. Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint John of the Cross proved how firmly he was persuaded of this. When Jesus Christ appeared to him one day and asked him what reward he desired for the many trials and labors he had borne for love of Him, “No other, O Lord,” he replied, “but to suffer and be despised.”

One day while they were chanting the words of the Gospel, “Simon – Lovest you Me more than these?” Saint Matilda fell into an ecstasy, and heard Christ saying to her: “Matilda, lovest you Me more than all things in the world?” She replied: “Thou knowest, Lord, that I love Thee.” Christ continued: “But lovest you Me so as to be willing to bear all sorts of trials, sufferings, and humiliations for My sake?” “Thou knowest well,” she answered, “that no torments can separate me from Thee.” Then Christ said: “But if these torments were terrible, would you bear them gladly and readily for love of Me?” And Matilda replied, “Yes, Lord, most readily!” This great love pleased God so much that it gave her the same merit as if she had suffered all in reality.

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