A Year with the Saints – 11 November


A very good way of exercising ourselves in the love of Christ is to acquire the habit of keeping Him present to our minds as far as possible. This may be done in three ways:

1. When we have to perform any action, to represent to ourselves the manner in which He did it while dwelling in the world, as well as the spirit and intention with which He animated it, that we may imitate Him.

2. To think how He is continually looking down upon us from Heaven, and shedding upon us the abundance of His graces and counsels.

3. To recognize Him in the person of our neighbor.

In this way, we shall perform our actions with more ease and perfection; we shall avoid many faults as well as much anxiety and impatience, and in every service that we perform for our neighbors, we shall merit as much as if we did it to Our Lord Himself. Saint Vincent de Paul

This was Saint Vincent’s own practice, and it raised him very high in the love of Jesus. He undertook no business, gave no advice, performed no action, without first fixing his eyes mentally upon the example or words of Christ, and on the rewards which He keeps prepared, and freely dispenses to such as labor well. And in his dealings with others, he beheld in each the very person of Christ. Phrases like these were often on his lips: “As Christ said”; “As Christ did”; “We ought to recognize Christ in all men.”

MLA Citation