A Year with the Saints – 11 July


Do not reason about afflictions and contradictions, but receive them with patience and sweetness, feeling that it is enough to know that they come from the hand of God. – Saint Francis de Sales

It is told in the Life of a servant of God at Naples, called Sister Maria di Sandiago, that one day when she was reflecting upon a trial which she was suffering, she heard these words from an interior voice: “Do you say that you trust in Me, and yet debate with yourself so much upon this?” She then understood that she ought to receive a trial with simple resignation, and not reflect upon it further; and changing her previous habit, she did so, and continued to do so for the future, with great profit and contentment.

However great were the trials and adversities of Saint Vincent de Paul, he was never disturbed – neither did he show, or even feel, anger against anyone; for he took all from the hands of God without discussion.

MLA Citation