A Year with the Saints – 10 July


If you happen to say or do something that is not well received by all, you should not, on that account, set yourself to examine and scrutinize all your words and actions; for there is no doubt that it is self-love which makes us anxious to know whether what we have said or done is approved or not. Simplicity does not run after its actions, but leaves the result of them to Divine Providence, which it follows above all things, turning neither to the right nor to the left, but simply going on its way. – Saint Francis de Sales

This Saint himself acted in this manner, for he never sought to know whether his words or actions were acceptable to others or not. When it was reported to him that a certain action of his had been disapproved by some persons, he answered without any discomposure: “That is not to be wondered at, for not even the works of Christ our Lord were approved by all; and there are many, even at this day, who speak blasphemously of them.”

MLA Citation