A Year with the Saints – 1 August


All our good and all our evil certainly lies in the character of our actions. As they are, so are we; for we are the tree, and they the fruit, and, therefore, they prove what each one is. Saint Augustine of Hippo

A servant of God, at the point of death, once spoke thus: “Now I know that totum opus nostrum in operatione consistit – our actions are our sole concern.”

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga set down in writing a resolution that he would do all in his power that everyone of his actions might be good, and bring him nearer to God.

Saint Bonaventure used to excite himself and others to constant occupation in good works by often repeating this beautiful sentiment: Every hour that we waste in sloth, we lose a glory equal to the good works we might have performed in it.

MLA Citation