A Garner of Saints – Saint Vitalis

Saint Vitalis of MilanArticle

The father of Gervase and Prothase by his wife Valeria, and a soldier in the army of Nero. Seeing a Christian physician named Ursicinus being led to martyrdom, he comforted him, so that he went joyfully to his death. Vitalis gave him honourable burial, and being denounced as a Christian by his master. Paulinus he was brought before the governor. When he refused to sacrifice, they buried him alive, but the priest who had given this advice was straightway possessed by a demon and went about raving, until on the seventh day he threw himself into a river and perished miserably. Valeria fled to Milan, but when they found that she was a Christian they beat her so that she died in three days. 28th April.


  • Wears armour and carries a club furnished with spikes; sometimes represented as buried up to the waist and being stoned.

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