A Garner of Saints – Saint Theodore Tiro

19th century engraving of Saint Theodore Stratelates by R Stang; swiped from WellCome ImagesArticle

A member of the legion of the Mamarites he was sent to Amasia. A persecution against the Christians was raging at that time, and as Theodore made no secret of his faith he was taken before his captain and interrogated. But being young, brave and agreeable he was released. Theodore took advantage of this respite to fortify the other Christians, and in order to show his hatred for idolatry he set fire to the temple of Cybele. Being arrested, he acknowledged what he had done. The judge therefore caused him to be severely beaten and threw him into prison intending to let him die of hunger. But here the Lord appeared to him saying that he would be nourished without corruptible food. At this Theodore broke forth into songs of joy, while angels appeared to sing with him. The judge and the guards saw this portent but were not converted. They brought Theodore some food and drink, which were refused by the saint who relied on the Lord’s promise. At length they took him from prison and offered him his liberty if he would make the least sign of submission, but he remained absolutely unshaken. Then they tore his body with iron hooks, and burnt his sides with flaming torches. In the midst of his torments he continued to sing the praises of Christ, so that the judge finally ordered him to be burned alive. Wood was taken from the public baths, and after having bound him, they threw him on to the fire where he perished. The Christians saw his soul ascend to heaven like a ray of light. 9th November.


  • Dressed as a Roman soldier and carrying a lighted torch in his hand.

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