A Character Calender – Saint Eligius

detail from the painting 'Saint Eligius, as a Goldsmith, Hands the Wedding Couple a Ring', by Petrus Christus, 1469, oil on wood, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New YorkArticle

Saint Eligius was a goldsmith in Paris. As a reward for his honesty, the king offered him a place at court. Fearing the temptation to loose living might prove too strong for him, he practiced severe penance and resorted to ejaculatory prayers. His charity for captives was boundless.

Godly and prudent, meek and chaste past telling,
Nought of ungoverned lust his living staineth,
Whilst, in the members of his body dwelling,
The soul remaineth. – First Vespers, Hymn

He whose taste discerneth all things as they are, and not as they are said or accounted to be, is truly a wise man, and taught rather of God than of men. – Imitation of Christ, Book II

Ideal: Before the Great War, in which our country joined in 1917, there was much preparation going on everywhere in the land. Ammunition was being stored, guns were built, even bandages, etc., were prepared for the care of the wounded. Then, when the war actually was on, everything was ready. This life is a warfare and this saint had the good sense to get his ammunition prepared in proportion to the danger.

Today: You are due for a call up to the front at any time and you have no way of knowing exactly how powerful the enemy will be except from the experience of those who have met him previously. Say the Our Father just as devoutly as possible today and think of each good act as so much ammunition against future possible attacks.

Slogan: Lead us not into temptation

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