• Avesta, zarathustra, meaning uncertain


Author of Zoroastrianism, the religious system of the Perso-Iranian people. The facts of his life are uncertain. He was probably born in Western Iran, c. 700-600 B.C., or earlier, but accomplished his work in Eastern Iran. His teachings, which are contained in the Avesta, advocated adoration of the good spirit Ormuzd, abhorrence of the evil spirit, and the achievement of purity of soul and body. There is scarcely any mention of ceremonial worship. Under the Achsemenidae, Zoroastrianism became the religion of the East. It fell into neglect after Alexander’s conquest of Persia (334-331 B.C.), was revived A.D. 227, only to be replaced by Mohammedanism, A.D. 641. The doctrine was too abstract and spiritual for the popular mind and gradually evolved into the religious system of the Parsis.

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