Venerable Aureliano of the Blessed Sacrament

[photograph of Venerable Aurelian]
Also known as

  • Apostle of the Eucharist
  • Pedro Landeta y Azcueta


Entered the novitiate of the Teresian Carmel of Larrea at age 15, taking the name Aureliano. Ordained at age 23. Missionary to India in 1913 working with seminarians at Malabar, India; he stayed the remaining 51 years of his life, working with over 6,000 seminarians, 2,300 of whom he directed during their entire seven year stretch. Writer on priestly spirituality.

Noted for his devotion to the Eucharist, and his steady teaching that it was the core of the priesthood. He was national director of the Eucharistic League from 1928 to 1945, tripling the size of its membership. He organized National Eucharistic Congresses in India in 1931 and 1937, and helped foster daily and noctural eucharistic adoration in India, Burma and Ceylon. In 1933 he published a schedule of churches in which adoration continued 24 hours a day; it included 868 churches. Today, though Christianity is a minority in India, it is the country with the greatest number of seminarians, a triumph owed in part to Venerable Aurelian.





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When you are in trouble, when you are lacking in human strength, I repeat and insist, go immediately to the Eucharist. - Venerable Aureliano, speaking to seminarians on the 50th anniversary of his ordination

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