The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn – 21 January 1586

Venerable Edward Stransham, secular priest
Venerable Nicholas Woodfen or Wheeler, secular priest

The first of these Martyrs was an Oxford man, both born and bred. Shortly after taking his Bachelor’s degree at Saint John’s College, he became a convert to the Catholic Faith and went over to Douai to study for the priesthood. He returned to England in 1581, together with Nicholas Woodfen. The latter was born at Leinster. His true name was Wheeler. While lodging in Fleet Street he ministered under his assumed name to the gentlemen of the Inns of Court, whose manner of dress he adopted. After enduring much poverty and persecution for five years, both priests were put to death with great barbarity on the same day.

– from The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn, by The Nuns of the Convent of Tyburn, 1917