The Holiness of the Church in the Nineteenth Century – Blessed Gabriel Dufresse

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The Blessed Gabriel Dufresse, of the Paris seminary of the Foreign Missions, began to labor in China in the year 1776. In the beginning he held a difficult post in the province of Sze-chuen, where he was exposed to constant persecution. In 1785 he spent six months in prison, which ended in banishment, but the fearless missionary was soon back with his flock. In 1800 he was made bishop, so that he might assume the entire direction of the whole mission. It was a time of continual persecution and at no moment were the Christians, or at least the missionaries, sure of their lives. The bishop was obliged to change his place of residence almost every day. In 1815 a weak Christian while on the rack betrayed the abode of Monsignor Dufresse, and so he fell into the hands of his enemies a second time. This time the ardently desired crown of martyrdom was not denied him. He was beheaded on 14 September 1815.

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