The Following of Christ, Book III, Chapter XXXVI

cover of the ebook 'The Following of Christ'Against the vain judgments of men

1. Son, cast thy heart firmly on the Lord, and fear not the judgement of man, when thy conscience gives testimony of thy piety and innocence.

It is good and happy to suffer in this manner, neither will this be grievous to an humble heart, nor to him that trusts in God more than in himself.

Many say many things, and therefore little credit is to be given to them.

Neither is it possible to satisfy all;

Though Paul endeavoured to please all in the Lord, and made himself all unto all: yet at the same time he made little account of his being judged by man’s day. 1 Corinthians iv. and ix.

2. He labours for the edification and salvation of others, as much as he could, and as lay in him; but he could not prevent his being sometimes judged or despised by others.

Therefore he committed all to God, who knows all; and defended himself by patience and humility against the tongues of those that spoke evil, or thought and gave out at pleasure vain and faulty things of him.

However, he answered them sometimes, lest his silence might give occasion of scandal to the weak.

3. Who art thou, that thou should be afraid of a mortal man? Today he is, and tomorrow he appears no more.

Fear God, and thou shalt have no need of being afraid of man.

What can any one do against thee, by his words or injuries? He rather hurts himself than thee; nor can he escape the judgment of God whoever he be.

See thou have God before thine eyes; and do not contend with complaining words.

And if at present thou seem to be overcome, and to suffer a confusion which thou hast not deserved; do not repine at this, and do not lessen thy crown by impatience.

But rather look up to me in heaven, who am able to deliver thee from all confusion and wrong, and to repay every one according to his works.