The Annunciation, by Adam of Saint Victor

Gabriel from the Heaven descending,
On the faithful Word attending,
Is in holy converse blending
  With the Virgin full of grace:
That good word and sweet he plighteth
In the bosom where it lighteth,
And for Eva Ave writeth,
  Changing Eva s name and race.

At the promise that he sendeth
God the Incarnate Word descendeth;
Yet no carnal touch offendeth
  Her the undefiled one,
She without a father, beareth,
She no bridal union shareth
And a painless birth declareth
  That she bore the Royal Son.

Tale that wondering search entices!
But believe – and that suffices;
It is not for man’s devices
  Here to pry with gaze unmeet:
High the sign, its place assuming
In the bush the unconsuming,
Mortal, veil thine eyes presuming,
  Loose thy shoes from off thy feet.

Bless’d is the womb that bore Him – bless’d
The bosom where His lips were press’d,
 But rather bless’d are they
Who hear His word and keep it well,
The living homes where Christ shall dwell,
  And never pass away.

– Adam of Saint Victor