Simon of Trent

bas-relief of the reputed murder of Simon of Trent on a stone medallion, Palazzo Salvadori, Trent, Italy; date and artist unknown; photographed by Andreas Caranti, 10 February 2007; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Simedl of Trent
  • Simeon of Trent
  • Simoncino of Trent
  • Simonino di Trento


  • formerly 24 March
  • removed from the calender and veneration forbidden in 1965 by the Sacred Congregation of Rites


A child of a gardener in Trent, Italy, the boy was apparently murdered around Easter time. His death was attributed to local Jews who were accused of killing a Christian child out of hatred for Christ. Libel of the day claimed they needed his blood to make matzoh bread for Passover. Seventeen local Jews were tortured into confessions. Miracles were reported through Simon’s intercession, but the incident is a matter of anti-Semitism rather than sanctity.




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