Savigny Abbey

Also known as

  • Abbaye de Savigny


  • 1105 by Vital de Mortain


Monastery near Savigny-le-Vieux, France. It was the central house of the Congregation of Savigny, who began as Benedictines; by 1150 it was Cistercian by which time it had 33 subordinate houses. Taken under papal protection by Pope Celestine II in 1119. Its monks were held in high esteem by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Over the centuries the house became known for lax discipline. It was pillaged and partly burned by Calvinists in 1509. It was finally destroyed and its monks dispersed during the antiCatholic excesses of the French Revolution. Its church was restored in 1869, and in 1924 the abbey was listed as a Monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture.

Monks of Savigny