Saints of the Society of Jesus: Blessed Anthony Baldinucci

Blessed Anthony BaldinucciArticle

7 November

Father Anthony Baldinucci was born in Florence. By his father’s advice he entered the Society of Jesus, in preference to the order of Friars Preachers in imitation of his older brother. For more than twenty years he evangelized as many as thirty dioceses of Italy, doing all that a zealous apostle could accomplish for the salvation of souls, by preaching, instituting pious sodalities, visiting the sick, and, when at home, passing his time between the altar and confessional. Father Baldinucci was distinctively one of the amiable saints, and seems to have resembled in character the good Saint Francis Hieronymo. But, worn out by his labors, he expired before the close of his fifty-second year, and was beatified by Pope Leo XIII.

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