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The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi

by Ugolino (Editor), W. Heywood (Editor), Ugolino Di Monte Santa Maria, Madeleine L’Engle (Preface)
Paperback, May 1998, 120 pages
Saint Francis of Assisi’s ecstatic embrace of a life of poverty revolutionized Christianity even as it transformed the ethics of the West. In this luminous and lively book, Saint Francis”s followers preserved his legend and those of his first disciples, combining stories of miracles with convincing portraits of men who were no less human for having been touched by God.

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Saint Francis of Assisi

by G K Chesterton
Paperback, 1987, Image Books
This is the story of Francis of Assisi, who inspired a revolution in art that began with Giotto and a revolution in poetry that began with Dante. Here is the Francis who prayed and danced with pagan abandon, who talked to animals, who invented the creche. Francis of Assisi is, after Mary of Nazareth, the greatest saint in the Christian calendar, and one of the most influential men in the whole of human history. By universal acclaim, this biography by G. K. Chesterton is considered the best appreciation of Francis’s life–the one that gets to the heart of the matter.

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God’s Fool : The Life and Times of Francis of Assisi

by Julien Green, Peter Heinegg
Paperback, September 1987, Harper San Francisco
Green has produced a radiant life of Saint Francis of Assisi, one that no else could have written…like carefully chosen glasses of many colors and stains, arranged with art… and lifted…so that the sun streams through.

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Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace: Living in the Spirit of the Prayer of Saint Francis

by Kent Nerburn
Hardback, May 1999, 129 pages
Kent Nerburn has tackled a well developed Franciscan prayer and topic with the freshness of an outside and contemporary perspective. Filled with stories from modern life in the west, it is thoroughly enjoyable as a quick, refreshing read, yet filled with spiritual gems. –John Michael Talbot, founder of Brothers and Sisters of Charity, author of The Lessons of Saint Francis