Saint Waningus of Fécamp

Also known as

  • Waningus of Ham
  • Vaneng of….
  • Waneng of….
  • Wanging of….
  • Waning of….
  • Wanning of….



Frankish nobleman, living a worldly and dissolute life in the court of King Clotaire III of Neustria. Father of Saint Desiderius of Fontenelle. One night he had a dream in which Saint Eulalia of Barcelona, to whom he had a devotion, told him of the difficulties the rich had entering Heaven. He gave up the life of a courtier to become a Benedictine monk. Abbot. Assisted Saint Wandrille in founding Fontenelle abbey. Responsible for establishing Holy Trinity Church and Convent at Fécamp, France. Sheltered Saint Leodegarius when he was on the run from Ebroin.




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